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Logan Derrick Logan Derrick is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Steel Wellness. He is a professional health & wellness writer with a vast amount of industry knowledge. Logan uses his background, personal history, and expert research to help others learn the best ways they can improve their wellness journey.
What's The Difference Between Hemp CBD Vs Marijuana CBD

What’s the Difference Between Hemp CBD vs Marijuana CBD?

As the popularity of using CBD products continues to grow, it’s important to get to the bottom of some common misconceptions. Many people believe […]

July 10, 2021

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Is CBD Good For Athletes? Benefits Athletes Who Use CBD

Is CBD Good for Athletes? Benefits & Athletes Who Use CBD

With all the hype, you might be asking yourself if CBD is good for athletes. The answer is yes, and it can be a […]

June 10, 2021

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Best Types Of CBD Cream, Lotion, & Topicals

8 Best Types of CBD Cream, Lotion, & Topicals to Choose From

CBD products are becoming more and more popular as they’re known to boost your health in many different ways. As the popularity and demand […]

May 15, 2021

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How to Leverage the Power of Gratitude to Improve Your Mental Wellness

How to Leverage the Power of Gratitude to Improve Your Mental Wellness

(This article includes an interview of Steel Wellness co-founder Logan Derrick by Parveen Panwar of They discuss how people can use the power […]

April 5, 2021

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10 CBD Facts Everyone Should Know & 4 CBD Myths Debunked

10 CBD Facts Everyone Should Know (& 4 CBD Myths Debunked)

With a massive boost in popularity over the past few years, Cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming an intriguing option for people all over the United […]

March 15, 2021

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Steel Wellness Products Featured On Daily Mom - Top Valentine's Gifts for Boyfriends & Husbands

Steel Wellness Products Featured on Daily Mom

In a recent article, Steel Wellness was featured on Daily Mom with an emphasis on Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriends and husbands. The post […]

February 10, 2021

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How To Improve Meditation: 16 Ways to Make Meditation Work for You

How to Improve Meditation: 16 Ways to Make It More Effective

Meditation can boost self-awareness, enhance emotional health, and help you live in the present moment. Studies also show meditation can assist with controlling anxiety, […]

December 15, 2020

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What Is The Difference Between CBD Oil And Hemp Seed Oil?

What is the Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil?

So many questions surround CBD oil and hemp seed oil that it is often difficult to know who to trust when it comes to […]

November 10, 2020

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How You Can Reduce Stress & Anxiety

How You Can Reduce Stress & Anxiety: 17 Helpful Tips & Ideas

Millions of Americans say they deal with stress or anxiety on a daily basis. And with no one-size-fits-all cure for either of these mental […]

November 5, 2020

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High Quality CBD Products Feature Image

High-Quality CBD Products: 14 Ways to Choose the Best CBD

With CBD growing more popular by the day, it is crucial that you are able to recognize a high-quality product from one that is […]

November 1, 2020

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