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8 Best Types of CBD Cream, Lotion, & Topicals to Choose From

Written by: Logan Derrick
Best Types Of CBD Cream, Lotion, & Topicals

CBD products are becoming more and more popular as they’re known to boost your health in many different ways. As the popularity and demand for CBD increase, we’re also seeing more products on the market. It’s important to be aware of what you’re looking for as you consider the best types of CBD cream, lotion, and topicals. 

Whether you’re a CBD beginner or you’re looking to change up what you’ve been using, there’s a lot to know when it comes to CBD topicals. CBD users love these products because they can target a variety of issues that may interfere with you living your best life.

Topicals aren’t consumed and digested like oral CBD products. Instead, they are applied directly to the skin. Creams, lotions, and other types work with the receptors in your skin to provide more immediate relief than consumables are known to.

Using a CBD topical is ideal for those who prefer not to take it orally. Topicals also provide a more concentrated effect that is focused on achieving different results than products like CBD oil or CBD gummies.

Do CBD Topicals Work? 

CBD has become a trend, especially over the last few years. However, studies and knowledge of cannabis being used as a natural remedy aren’t new.

Research and many studies show that the use of topicals like CBD cream and CBD lotion improve many conditions. These may include pain, inflammation, sleep disorders, anxiety, skin irritation, and more. Topicals that have CBD in them work to relieve these issues by activating cannabinoid receptors throughout the body.

Woman putting CBD topical on her elbow

High-quality CBD topicals can work wonders along with other health practices to improve your mental and physical wellness. Applying topicals such as a CBD sports cream, CBD skin cream, or lip balm can provide benefits such as:

Since CBD can be known to give the feeling of being ‘high’, some people avoid using topicals altogether. This feeling occurs when THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis, is present.

However, using a THC-free CBD topical for pain allows you to receive results without the psychoactive effect.

The good news: there are many CBD topical products out there that are 100% THC-free.

Even though they work differently, evidence has shown that products applied topically can be just about as effective as oral medications. Additionally, we often feel the results of a topical CBD faster than we do a consumable.

For example, you may feel muscle tension calm soon after applying CBD lotion. This is because topical CBDs don’t have to pass through the digestive system and are instead absorbed through the largest organ of the human body: our skin.

Types of CBD Topicals Worth Trying 

The options for CBD topicals are vastly growing. Let’s take a look at some popular products.

CBD Cream

CBD cream is a cream-based lotion that can be massaged onto any part of your body. It’s usually mixed with other ingredients that promote healthy skin such as aloe leaf juice and oils. The cream can be applied to your face, hands, arms, and legs for various effects. 

Woman rubbing CBD cream with aloe on her hand


CBD cream can moisturize dry skin and relieve itchy skin. Because CBD can treat bacteria and fungus, lotion creams help target acne and other skin issues. It’s also been shown to help reduce pain and wound healing in pediatric patients. 

Finding an all-natural CBD Cream that works for you can provide wonders for your skin health.

CBD Sports Cream

If you’re an athlete who wants to enhance your performance by feeling your best, CBD sports cream is the product for you. Sports cream can be used before or after physical activity and offers a wide range of benefits. It can be applied to any area of the body including the neck, back, or feet.

As CBD sports cream is gently massaged into the skin, it provides a cooling effect that allows athletes to recover from or prevent sports-related discomfort and injuries. 

Man having CBD sports cream rubbed into his shoulder


Recent sports performance research showed that CBD cream for athletes can promote healing bone injuries, help prevent gastrointestinal damage related to inflammation, and assist with stress-relief and anxiety. It’s also ideal for use on tense muscles, chronic pain points, or spasms.

Sports injuries are bound to happen and a CBD cream for athletes can help speed up recovery time.  

Choosing a high-quality, THC-free sports cream with a CBD lotion consistency is perfect for improving overall health and performance.

CBD Salve

Salve infused with CBD is a topical made with beeswax or vegetable wax. Its consistency is thick and it has a longer shelf-life than water-based products such as creams and lotions.

In terms of what CBD salve is used for, it acts as a combination of a CBD cream and sports cream. It targets and prevents multiple problems from pain to skin issues.

Steel Wellness CBD Salve - 1000mg CBD

Salves nourish the skin, relieve sore muscles, and act as an anti-inflammatory. Like a CBD lotion, the salve is applied to your neck, joints, feet, and other areas for quick relief. 

Look and feel better with a natural, organic CBD salve.

CBD Bath Bombs 

There’s not much better than a relaxing bath at the end of a long day until you add a calming CBD bath bomb. These massively popular products are usually made with herbs and essential oils. They go right into your bath water for a more enjoyable, revitalizing experience. 

Baths alone offer healing effects from soothing muscles and joints to calming the mind. They improve your blood flow and have positive effects on your skin.

Close Up Of CBD Bath Bombs

When you add a CBD bath bomb into the mix, you’re only amplifying the experience. Bath bombs with CBD are known to improve your heart health, calm anxieties and stress, improve gastrointestinal health, help you get a better night’s sleep, and balance hormones.

There are many great CBD bath bombs that feature a variety of scents and natural skin-soothing ingredients.

CBD Soap

Speaking of bath time, CBD soap is another topical that can be used for baths and showers. It is infused with CBD and applied liberally. It can also be used at the sink to wash your hands. As with any topical, effects are faster than CBD products that pass through the digestive system.

Try using CBD soap for multiple health benefits

CBD soaps can be used for many purposes that foster looking and feeling our best. They may reduce wrinkles, acne, and redness while also moisturizing the skin and relieving aches or pains.

It’s important to find a reputable CBD soap brand to ensure you’re using high-quality products. You want to use a soap that’s tested for purity and free of harmful additives. 

CBD Face Creams

As mentioned earlier, cannabis plants can have antibacterial and antifungal effects. Because of this, using a CBD lotion or cream on your face can act to prevent or relieve issues such as acne, irritations, and rashes. It can also fight against premature aging, reduce fine lines, and nourish the skin.

Woman using CBD cream on her face

It’s important to understand that the ingredients of a face CBD cream or lotion differ from a body cream or lotion. Ingredients for the body are mainly meant to target muscles and joints, whereas a face cream targets wrinkles, fine lines, and pores.

When looking into a CBD cream for your face, make sure you know what the ingredients and lab results are. This helps to ensure that it’s a high-quality, good-for-you product.

CBD Serums

A CBD serum can be added to your skincare routine if you’re looking for that glow to help yourself look and feel better. CBD serums are made with oils and other ingredients that promote healthy skin. It’s typically used with a dropper or mist spray and can be massaged over a freshly cleansed face and neck.

CBD serum products offer many advantages

Effective CBD serums can work with your exfoliants and moisturizers to hydrate and replenish your skin. They can also reduce wrinkles, even skin tone, and calm redness.

Your skin will likely benefit most from natural serums that are free of THC and made and tested in the US.

CBD Lip Balms

Last up on our list of popular CBD topicals are lip balms. CBD and beauty brands are featuring lip balms infused with CBD more often than ever before. These lip balms can offer several advantages including hydration, protection, and anti-inflammatory.

See what CBD Lip Balm can do for you

If you’re someone who experiences severely cracked lips, CBD lip balms can be the answer. Some lip balms are tinted for an added boost to your looks. 

When looking into lip balms infused with CBD, you’ll want to ensure it’s a top-quality product. Be aware of other ingredients, know the CBD dosage, and use products that are carefully made in the US.

How to Choose the Right CBD Topicals for You

We understand it can be difficult to choose when there are so many options, but each of these topical CBD products provides benefits to overall health and wellness. Topicals show the best results when combined with other wholesome health practices. Determine what you want to target and what improvements can help you feel like your best self.

Are you having trouble with a specific area? Do you just want a mood boost? Based on the information provided, will a CBD lotion, bath bomb, or cream be the best remedy? 

When you’re ready to purchase your CBD topical, make sure you select a product you can trust. Take some time to learn more about how you can choose the best CBD products!

Logan Derrick

Logan Derrick is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Steel Wellness. He is a professional health & wellness writer with a vast amount of industry knowledge. Logan uses his background, personal history, and expert research to help others learn the best ways they can improve their wellness journey.

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