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Is CBD Good for Athletes? Benefits & Athletes Who Use CBD

Written by: Logan Derrick
Is CBD Good For Athletes? Benefits Athletes Who Use CBD

With all the hype, you might be asking yourself if CBD is good for athletes. The answer is yes, and it can be a total game-changer.

Athletes who use CBD experience significant benefits that help maintain peak performance. And with so many types of CBD athletes can use, you can up your game both on and off the field.

The more you learn about these great products, the easier it is to see why CBD and athletes make the perfect team. Whether you’re a professional or not, find out how CBD can help you start feeling your best now so you can go the extra mile later.

Why CBD is Good For Athletes and Why to Consider Using It

Athletes of all levels strive to reach peak performance, mentally and physically. Strenuous training and competition do a number on our bodies and products that help us perform better under pressure can be hard to come by. In athletic environments where every person involved is at a high level, having even a slight competitive edge makes a difference.

Many athletes use CBD products

There are many types of CBD athletes can use from tinctures to gummies and everything in between. Depending on your use and desired effect, exploring all the available options helps you take advantage of its many benefits. Some of these advantages include:

Experts that recommend CBD and athletes who use them do so for its many benefits. Those living an active lifestyle rely on both their mental and physical wellness to stay competitive and reach their goals.

Cannabidiol targets many of the struggles athletes face, making it a great addition to your routine. And with so many types of CBD athletes can use, improving your performance has never been easier!

Ways Athletes Who Use CBD Perform Better

Many scientific studies have shown that CBD promotes better performance when used as part of a healthy training and recovery regimen. Athletes who use CBD reported many benefits both mentally and physically.

Infographic about Why CBD Is Good For Athletes

CBD helps athletes in many ways

Boosts Focus

Research suggests that CBD acts as a wake-promoting agent that can boost focus. Athletes who use CBD for mental clarity report improvements in making quicker decisions when it matters most.

Cannabidiol oil helps keep you alert during intense competition and stay focused on your targets. As an added bonus, clearer focus can also help you be safer while you train and compete. 

You can boost your focus with CBD oil tinctures as you strive to optimize your competitive edge. 

Calm Stress and Anxiety

Having a sharp mind is important, but so is having a calm one. Reducing stress and anxiety before an important competition or game helps the body reserve energy.

Recent studies on CBD show strong support for its stress management properties that help to calm those pre-competition jitters.

Stress and anxiety cause the body to expend more energy than when at rest. Keeping a sound mind reserves your energy for when you need it most. Any reduction in stress matters, making CBD good for athletes when under pressure.

Take the edge off your nerves with CBD gummies or other easy-to-take CBD products.

Improve Physical Performance

Whether you compete with others or against yourself, CBD has proven effects to improve your performance. Some studies show robust anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and analgesic effects for athletes who use CBD.

Man working out with kettlebells

These same studies also show thermoregulation properties that help cool your body down. During strenuous exercise, CBD helps you push your limits, not your body.

Research also suggests the use of cannabidiol oils in clinical trials helped reduce gastrointestinal-related injuries associated with athletic activities. Side effects like vomiting, bleeding, and diarrhea decreased while the levels of nutrients and oxygen increased.

CBD products like softgels and tinctures help keep the digestive tract in check as you train your hardest. Athletes using CBD reported fewer cases of GI tract injuries helping you stay at peak performance.

Better Sleep

Any athlete will agree that one of the most important practices is getting a good night’s sleep. Your body repairs itself during these 8 hours of rest, making it a critical part of an athlete’s routine.

Numerous clinical studies reported a measurable improvement in sleep quality among CBD users. Athletes who use CBD often report feeling more well-rested and have the ability to fall asleep faster.

Unlike other sleep aids, CBD paired with Melatonin doesn’t leave you with that hangover feeling when you wake up. For users of CBD and athletes alike, getting enough rest can be the biggest factor in helping you feel your best.

Accelerate Injury Recovery

The restorative properties are by far the most common benefits reported by athletes who use CBD. And with so many types of CBD athletes can use, you can recover quickly the moment you step off the field.

Both stretching and CBD are good for athletes

Trusted clinical trials show cannabidiol has positive effects in reducing muscle pain as a result of sports-related injuries. These trials also indicated CBD may promote healthy joints and bones.

Keeping your muscular-skeletal system in great shape helps prevent serious athletic injuries. Maintaining a healthy body in the competition by using the best CBD salve for athletes is just as important as when you’re not in competition.

Appetite Suppressant

For many athletes, maintaining a healthy weight can be a constant challenge. Experts that recommend CBD and athletes that use it report a measurable difference in appetite.

CBD oil targets the body’s stress response while also lowering food cravings. Athletes who use popular CBD products as a natural way to reduce cravings can promote maintaining a healthy weight. Cannabidiol has the added benefit of no negative side effects like some other drugs, making CBD good for athletes looking to stay trim.

6 Professional Athletes Who Use CBD for Their Health & Performance

CBD products are used by some of the most respected professional athletes across nearly every sport. Athletes are always looking for the best products that will help keep them at the top of their game. Many of these athletes use CBD as part of their training regimens and to help their bodies recover post-competition.

Rob Gronkowski – Professional Football Player

Rob Gronkowski after winning Super Bowl LIII

Rob Gronkowski after winning Super Bowl LIII

Revered and respected as one of the greatest tight ends in the NFL, Rob Gronkowski has had his fair share of injuries during his 10+ professional seasons. After nine surgeries, he credits being pain-free to his regular use of CBD products. “Gronk” is one of many NFL players who tout the effects of cannabidiol.

Lucas Glover – Professional Golfer

An avid spokesman for these plant-based products, Lucas Glover frequently advocates for the many types of CBD athletes can use. The recovery process begins the moment he steps off the golf course with a variety of CBD products. For Glover, regulating inflammation with a product like CBD with curcumin and getting a good night’s sleep are his keys to staying at peak performance.

Megan Rapinoe – Professional Soccer Player

Megan Rapinoe with Pink Hair

Megan Rapinoe during US Women’s National Team Victory Tour

The winner of the Ballon d’Or Féminin and named The Best FIFA Women’s Player in 2019, Megan Rapinoe credits CBD as a key part of her routine. She has gone on record many times stating that it helps her have a better night’s sleep. Cannabidiol has become her “secret sauce” in achieving worldwide respect.

Jamal Mashburn – Professional Basketball Player

After a tenured career in professional basketball playing for the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat, Jamal Mashburn now plays for team CBD. Mashburn often mentions that CBD can help users maximize pain management at any stage of their athletic careers. Using CBD for joint health and to soothe aching muscles after years of shooting baskets is the key to keeping him feeling young.

Gina Mazany – UFC Fighter


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For Gina Mazany, taking care of her body after a fight is just as important as the preparation that comes before. The mixed-martial artist has long been an advocate for cannabidiol, using them as a form of anti-inflammation and pain management. CBD also helps calm her anxiety and regulate her sleep patterns.

Kim Reichhelm – Professional Extreme Skier

Kim Reichhelm’s early career as a professional extreme skier led her into a new job as a ski adventure trip leader. Although her career changed, her use of CBD hasn’t. “CBD helps a lot,” she says, “I use oils and tinctures to get the pain relief I need while staying sharp so I can stay focused on my job.”

Making the Switch to CBD

If you’re an athlete looking to take your game to the next level, you may want to consider what many amateurs and professional athletes credit as part of their success. CBD helps promote peak performance both mentally and physically. Adding CBD products to your routine can help you perform better and recover faster–making you an even fiercer competitor than you already are.

Ready to start your CBD journey? Visit our shop to find the latest CBD products for athletes like you.

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